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Blowing Kisses
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Friday, January 6, 2012

When a baby holds your finger...

Jan 26, 2010

Jan 31,2010

I rock Colton to sleep. This is one of the things that I know 'they' say you should stop at the lastest by their first birthday but I just can't. Not yet. A.J. and I have set a goal of breaking this bad momma habit by his second birthday. Which I know we can do!

After Colton falls asleep I lay him in his crib. And when he falls alseep on my chest instead of in my arms I lay him on his tummy. And as I pull my hand out from under his chest he often grabs ahold of my finger.

And when he does the only thing I can think is - how amazing this little person that A.J. and I were blessed with is.

Colton, A.J., and I have been through a lot and the 3 of us really haven't been together that long. But the amount of time it takes for him to steel your heart is quicker than the blink of an eye, quicker than the flash of a lightening blot, and quicker than you can even imagine!

When a baby holds your finger... they hold your heart. When a baby holds your finger... how do you let go? You don't you wait for them to!

Oh, what is better than the love a great guy?
The love of him and the son you share!

Cotton Watler?

I remembered today that Colton had a few days about this time last year that his name was Cotton. Cotton? Okay so his name has never been Cotton. In the NICU rooms their is a paper taped to the monitor and  it looked as if the "l" in Colton was a "t". So a doctor (or two) thought our little Colton was Cotton.

Then when we got home in February A.J. and I wanted to send out announcement cards. I got online and made them. I had A.J. and my momma bear proof them and ordered them. When we got them I sent some home with momma bear and sent some to work with A.J. The night that I was working on getting them ready to mail I get a picture text from A.J.
 I did not see anything so I called him.

Someone had asked him what Colton's middle name was after seeing the announcement posted on a board. I was so upset. How didn't one of the 3 of us see it?

So along with all of Colton Walter's many names
Big C
Mr C
and I am sure there are more that I can not think of right now we add
Cotton Watler :o)



Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Day in Pictures!

  First, I would like to give you a tour of my room.

My changing table, my door into my room that my momma comes through in the morning to get me, my closet door, my dirty clothes basket (Boy, my momma should do my laundry), and the corner of my crib!

My crib, my good morning board, all my books, one of my windows, and my dresser!

There are my books and dresser again! Oh and my blanket/storage cabinet, one of my awesome diaper bags, my multi-colored night light, my other window, and my stuff animal chest! The blue doggie is my "BIG brave doggie" that my daddy and momma and the green guy is my "Wild Thing" that my Uncle BooBoo got me!

This is my cozy corner! This is where my momma rocks me to sleep. Or where Emma hangs out if she sneaks into my room. I have very rotten furry sisters and brother!

This is my play mat!

Okay enough about my room! It is time to show you my day!

GOOD MORNING! Hey, momma will you help a baby out! I sleep like my daddy and I ended up getting a little stuck!

Umm... Why is that thing here already?!?!

This is my happy face! The one my momma waited on all morning!

First, it is my diaper change!

Can you see my smile?
I am moving so much!
Try to catch me.
Now to hang out while my momma gets my breakfast ready!

BREAKFAST! Looks good!

Now this is the stuff!

Here let me hold it!


   Now to hang out!


And a nap!

Ahhhh, my crib!

  I am awake. COME GET ME, please!


Oh yeah, this is important!

I would like to introduce you to my friend, Kinley.
She comes to play with me a couple days a week. She is a very big part of my day!
She has been here since before I got up, but she fell asleep before I
started my day
and woke up while I was napping!



Time to get a fresh clean diaper and outfit!

Just us men!


My morning snack!

 I guess we are going outside!

Tree! It won't hold still!
At first, I thought daddy was playing in the dirt.

Ahhh! The breeze feels great!

Aww.. My daddy loves me!

We did not stay out long. I was getting tired. So....

I grab another nap!
See you in a little while...

OKAY! Come get me. I am ready to play!


My day just won't be complete if I did not get my doggie kisses! My momma tells him "no" but he just comes right back! What can I say he loves me so much! That's my Houdini!

Guess it is time for my diaper change! You guys don't need to see this!

ooooooh kitty! YES!

Wait, how did I get over here?

After that workout I need a hug!

Where is my bottle?!


Snuggle Time! My momma is comfy!

Momma kisses! A warm bottle and a workout tuckers this baby out!

See you in a while!!


I need my Colton time each evening! I just need to sit for a little while and play by myself.
I sure do LOVE my toys!

I hear my momma singing "T-U-BB-Y TI-ME it's tubby tubby time!"
I am so excited! I GET TO GO SWINGING!!!
I love this part of the day!

Before I get in my seat my momma holds me and lets me kick and splash out in the open water!
It is so fun! I splash and splash and splash!
This picture does not show the fun I have out of the seat.
Momma snapped a quick picture and went back to helping me sit up.
She worries I am gonna slip in.

This is me after I yelling at my momma
for taking me out!


Just hanging out till my dinner is nice and warm!

YUM! So good I have to save some for later!
I am not alseep yet........... I am

Thank you for enjoying my day with me!
Can you believe I have been here for 9 months!